The Concord Trust Company Way

We are innovative thinkers with a passion for providing customer-centric services. We have a strong commitment to open, regular communications with you and your trusted advisers. We believe in teamwork. We take time to understand the intricacies of your estate plan and your family’s financial life.

Leveraging our unique directed trustee model and the modern, advantageous trust and trust tax laws of NH and SD, we are well equipped to help you realize your long term wealth transfer goals.

At Concord Trust, we understand that the traditional options for selecting a trustee are often too limiting for many families. 


While an individual “family” trustee may be more flexible with respect to investments or be better equipped to handle family dynamics, he or she often lacks accounting expertise, focus and a good back-up plan.  On the other hand, a corporate or “bank” trustee may be better equipped to manage trust operations for the long run, but some families find these depository banks expensive and too conservative when it comes to investment strategies or beneficiary distributions.   Some families try to mix the two options -- appointing a family member and a bank to work together as co-trustees.  Unfortunately, that approach often falls short because, under traditional trust law, co-trustees are responsible for one another’s actions and that often leads to conflict. 


Concord Trust Company’s unique, directed-trustee model aims to strike a healthy balance between individual flexibility and company oversight.   Enabled by the modern trust laws in NH and SD, we allow families to maintain control over investment decisions but rely on a professional trust company for “back office” administrative trustee service.  This bifurcation of roles and responsibilities assures our clients that we will never exert pressure or angle to overtake all trustee functions, especially wealth management.   Our business practices and attention to detail maintain that the integrity of your estate plan.  And our multi-participant, directed trustee model supports a collaborative, team-based approach to multi-generational wealth planning -- we complement your existing advisors, we never compete with them. 

Chip Martin Introduces CTC and our Directed Trust Services


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