Daniele Shea

Director of Trust Accounting

Daniele manages CTC's trust accounting services team and supervises our sophisticated fiduciary accounting software systems.  She has over twenty years of trust administrative and fiduciary accounting experience.  Before joining CTC, Daniele held multiple accounting and client management roles in commercial banking.  

Daniele is detailed oriented and analytical by nature, both major assets that enable her and her team to provide our clients with exceptional customer service, even when the most complex trust structures and asset types are involved.  

Daniele's experience extends beyond working with traditional trust assets to include private businesses, limited partnerships, commercial real estate and collectibles.  Moreover, she has worked with numerous trust accounting platforms and custodial vendors.  Her comprehension of software functionality and data integration technologies enables CTC to work with any custodial platform.  This allows us to deliver on the promise of a multi-participant directed trust model where there are often several different investment advisors involved, each with different reporting systems that must be aggregated in order to prepare a consolidated trust accounting. 

She is a graduate of Champlain College and Bishop University in Canada.  

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Daniele Shea
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