We are the premier provider of Specialized Trust Administrative Services.

 We are the premier provider of Specialized Trust Administrative Services.


Concord Trust Company (CTC) is a state chartered, non-depository trust company (NDTC) with operating offices in both New Hampshire and South Dakota.

We offer “directed” or “administrative” trustee services that provide families from all over the world access to the well-established advantages of New Hampshire’s and South Dakota’s trust and trust tax laws. We can accommodate any trust governance structure to serve the particular strategic goals of our clients’ families.

The combination of our unbundled services model, our industry expertise and our a la carte fee structure allows families to choose only the trust services they need, without disturbing existing relationships with financial managers and other trusted advisers. 


Our singular purpose is to be the premier provider of trust administration services, operating under the most accessible and progressive trust and banking laws in the nation.





As "directed” trustee, Concord Trust Company partners with families and their trusted advisors to work within whatever investment, distribution or administrative framework they need.




Under a directed trust arrangement, CTC carries out the administration of the trust as directed by the family and/or its advisors. The family retains control of the trust's investment decisions – either selecting the types of investment assets (equities, real estate, private businesses, etc.) or the investment professionals who manage them.

Regarding discretionary distributions to trust beneficiaries, CTC may also be directed by an independent trustee, chosen by the family. While CTC does serve as distribution trustee for many trusts, some families prefer to have an extended family member or other associate determine the amounts and timing of discretionary distributions.

Press Release

May 18, 2021

IQ-EQ receives regulatory approval to acquire Concord Trust Company

IQ-EQ, an Astorg portfolio company, is pleased to confirm that it has received regulatory approval to formally acquire Concord Trust Company, making Concord officially part of IQ-EQ Group.  News of this transaction was first publicised in April 2021.