Itemized Services

Families do not need to live in New Hampshire or South Dakota to benefit from our states' trust and trust tax law advantages. By simply appointing Concord Trust Company as administrative trustee, families from all over the world are able to access the most progressive trust statues in the United States. Leveraging our unique model, families are able to assign or retain as much control as they wish over investments, distributions and other trust management decisions.

Beyond access to New Hampshire and South Dakota's advantageous trust laws, CTC performs a careful review of multi-participant trust documents to determine the responsibilities and liabilities of the various participants. As administrative trustee, we can serve as a "coordinating authority" to assist in the efficient operation of the trust.

For trusts with liquid, marketable security assets, CTC works with whichever custodial agent(s) chosen by our clients' designated wealth managers. We provide fiduciary trust accounting services that can augment a wealth manager's standard custodial reporting capabilities. Furthermore, we can provide data aggregation services that combine multiple wealth management firms' activities into consolidated trust accountings.

For trusts with illiquid, closely-held asset types, like family businesses, private placement funds, real estate, insurance etc., Concord Trust Company tracks these assets on its trust accountings and can manage distributions and contributions on behalf of a trust's ownership interests.

Administrative trustee services include all or any combination the following:

  • Taking title to assets on behalf of trusts and executing instructions from authorized fiduciary advisors.
  • Principal and income based fiduciary trust accounting.
  • Integration with custodial agents for regular account balance and activity data aggregation.
  • Transaction based reminders for trust payment and reporting requirements.
  • Retention of trust records in New Hampshire or S. Dakota vaults.
  • FDIC-insured checking accounts for contributions and distributions.
  • CTC can serve as discretionary distribution trustee or we can take direction on distributions decisions from an independent trustee designated by the family.
  • Supply of all information necessary for fiduciary income tax preparation and coordinate filing.